How to Stop your Cabinets from Banging Closed with Door Bumpers

Most people aren’t kind when they close their cabinet doors and drawers, they aren’t being malicious; they might be in a hurry to find something, or just not thinking about it and end up slamming the doors which leads to an annoyingly loud bang for each door closed.

Luckily, there is a much cheaper and less labor intensive than replacing your slides  and hinges with those fancy slow closing ones. It also takes a lot less time then having to lubricate your drawer slides, and it is dead simple.

The Problem:

Banging cabinet doors.

The Solution:

Peel and Stick Door and Drawer Bumpers.

All that you have to do to fix your problem is buy some door and drawer bumpers at your local hardware store, or online (I have added some Amazon links below for some), peel them off of the paper they come on, and stick them to the top and bottom edge of each door you want to stop banging. You only have to do this on the swinging side, as the edge near the hinges won’t be the problem.

Drawer Bumpers

For drawers you can usually get away with only putting one on each side of the top of the drawer, as this is generally the problem area. Adding bumpers to it will help to move the entire drawers’ edges away from the cabinet. If your drawers are constantly slammed however, I would put them on all four corners just to be safe.

Whenever I replace the bumpers on my cabinets, I always try to get the thinnest ones possible. I have found that the mid-sized to thick ones don’t let the drawers close as tightly as I would like, and if they are too thick on the doors, you have to adjust the hinges on them so they sit even with each other. The thicker ones do last a lot longer however, so the choice is personal preference in the end.

There isn’t anything more to say about door bumpers, they’re a really cheap, easy way to stop some cabinet slamming headaches and they will help keep your cabinets looking newer for longer.

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